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                            Hanxiao Zhang
                          Lead Coordinator



The best execution service refers to our obligation to execute your orders such that the prices reflect an optimal mix of price improvement and speed and likelihood of execution. In practice, we send customer orders to venues with the best execution statistics at the specific time.


IFor compliance reasons, CUDYLL evaluates order in real time, individually and in aggregate, to assess which competing market venue, market maker, or electronic communication network (ECNs) offers the most favorable terms of execution.

It should be noted that, although we assess market venues in real time, best execution remains an elusive concept because of variations in the latency and liquidity.


When executing orders, the opportunity to get a better price than quoted is also evaluated, as well as the speed of the execution and the likelihood that the order is executed.

The decisions are evaluated by selecting preferences of market centers or counterparties who consistently meet or exceed our quality benchmarks.

We achieve the best execution outcome by navigating the stream of new opportunities and regulations that shape our landscape.

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