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                            Hanxiao Zhang
                          Lead Coordinator



At CUDYLL, we understand your need for efficiency, performance, and transparency in both process and economics. Our automated trading service combines custom research with an algorithmic trading server.

Exchanges provide data to the system, either directly or through third-party information providers. As a minimum, the data consists of the current order book and the time, price and volume of the most recent trades.

Our algorithmic trading server receives the data in real-time and either store it as historical data in its database or pulls historical data from third-party information providers. The application on the server analyzes the data as events in real-time to monitor the trading strategies. Once events are triggered, orders are typically sliced up and sent in smaller parts to the broker or directly to the exchanges through low-latency networks.

Event Processing Engine

The so-called event processing engine (EPE) is the heart of decision making on the server. Besides analyzing the data in real-time, it monitors the trading strategies, slices and sends smaller orders and provides an additional layer real-time risk management.

We enable buy-side managers and traders with access to algorithmic trading systems and order types, that are fast enough to handle and take advantage of today's high volatility.

The total cost of constructing proprietary algorithmic trading strategies and order types, and investing in an in-house infrastructure is very substantial. Instead, managers and traders describe the trading strategies and algorithms to us and let us develop and drop them into our algorithmic trading server.

CUDYLL provides global market access, technical expertise, and integration with brokers and exchanges. Therefore, CUDYLL is probably the best choice for sophisticated small and medium-sized accounts that seek independence from their brokers.


Our algorithmic trading server utilizes low-latency networks measured in milliseconds and reduces the trade sizes to minimize the slippage and market impact, and simply to perform the job lightning fast at a lower cost.

The emergence of financial protocols and dedicated programming interfaces has made it easier to connect to brokers and exchanges and connect with third-party information providersThis has reduced the go-to-market time considerably!

Our technology ensures that you stay ahead of the curve and stay responsive.

Risk Management And Compliance

We provide custom solutions to optimize your trade reconciliation and settlement process, compliance reporting, risk management. We utilize real-time risk management controls and third-party integration to carefully monitor your exposure to market risk and regulatory concerns.

Our experienced analysts work with you and provide 'how-to' insights.

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