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                            Hanxiao Zhang
                          Lead Coordinator



CUDYLL will make your asset management process comfortable. It must adapt to changing expectations and constraints, but also changing financial goals, risk appetite and safety needs, and issues that occur along the way. Therefore, CUDYLL develops flexible solutions that allow our Advisers to analyze, understand, customize and ultimately simplify your Asset Management Process according to your goals and constraints.


Our flexible solutions allow your Adviser to help you formulate explicit financial goals, constraints and risk appetite. This helps define how active and diversified your portfolio strategy should be, and to what degree your ownership should be direct or indirect.

Your main financial goal is likely to keep the capital appreciation and dividend flow steady. Constraints that arise out of liquidity, time horizon, tax and special situations must also be addressed. Your adviser will address the relative importance of each objective when your portfolio strategy is customized.


Active portfolio strategies obey constraints and respond to changing expectations as well as changing stock, bond and commodity prices. Also, passive portfolio strategies require re-balancing to the keeps weights at the target. At this stage, straightforward, understandable, transparent and free of conflicts of interest advice is provided.

The implementation of the asset management process should be based your investment policy, which must be flexible enough to accommodate changing goals, risk appetite, safety needs, and issues along the way. Our Advisers implement the portfolio process by developing an understanding of your goals, constraints changing the situation, and will customize and simplify the asset management process according to your goals and constraints.


The performance of your portfolio strategy should be assessed from time to time. This helps you understand if the return has been in proportion to the risk. To accomplish performance evaluation, your Adviser will suggest benchmark portfolios so that your portfolio can be compared with alternative portfolios with a similar risk. As an additional step, your adviser will suggest a customized performance report that presents relevant performance measures.


Your Adviser will explain all benefits and drawbacks question in question. In some cases, the answer will be clear and simple. For example, international diversification and direct ownership are expected to increase the risk-adjusted return. In less clear cases, your Adviser may propose an investment committee.

Ultimately, international diversification and direct ownership are only feasible for very large private investors and institutions. Therefore, CUDYLL continuously researches how to customize and maximize the benefits of mid-sized portfolios. This process is complex, but not necessarily complicated.

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